Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the Terra Linda neighborhood of San Rafael, California. When you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation with our address and more pickup details.

Q: What is a Cottage Food Operation?

A: As a permitted Cottage Food Operation, I am fully licensed, permitted and insured to run my bakery business out of my home, selling my county approved baked goods. I hold a Food Handler’s Certificate, a business license, and a Cottage Food Permit (CFO #L15622), not to mention quite a few others that I won’t get into here :)

Q: How do your bake sales work?

A: NEIGHBORHOOD bake sales are special events usually held on Saturday mornings. Pre-orders can be placed through my online shop and will guarantee that you will get the bread and pastries you want. Pre-orders generally close on Thursday around 10pm. Most bake sales will also have bread and pastries available on the morning of on a first-come, first-serve basis - if I won’t have extras, I always announce it in my emails and here in the Upcoming Bakes section of the home page.

Q: I placed a pre-order for a bake sale, but I can’t make it! Can I cancel my order?

A: I understand that life happens and you may not be able to pick up an order. Please let me know as soon as possible (email is best! sarah at luckypennybread dot com) and we can either make other arrangements, or if given at least 24 hours notice (so 10am the day before a bake sale), I can issue a refund and make your items available to others during the bake sale. I will send reminder texts by 11;30am (on bake sale day) for any orders that have not been picked up and if I have not heard from you by Noon on the day of the bake sale, then I will have to assume that you won’t be picking up your order and your items will be donated.

Q: What is a Bready Only Bake?

A: Now that I’ve gotten into a rhythm of baking on a more consistent basis, I have started adding weekly Bread Only Bakes, usually for pickup on Monday mornings and evenings. Email subscribers get first dibs on loaves and all you have to do is reply to the email announcing these bakes by Sunday at 8am the day before pickup. Orders will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, and quantities will be limited, so if you know you want a loaf, don’t wait! When I receive your order, I will reply with a confirmation of availability and pickup details (including the address). Bread Only Bakes are cash or venmo sales only to keep things simple. Thank you for your understanding!

Q: I have a birthday/event/party, can I place a custom order for bread/pastries/cakes/cookies?

A: Yes, I love helping make your events special! You can contact me directly by emailing through the contact page to inquire about availability and pricing. Special orders are subject to availability and require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice.

Q: What is a bread subscription?

A: When you sign up for the monthly subscription from Lucky Penny Bread, you get one loaf of our House Levain baked just for you, every week. If you sign up for the Baker’s Choice monthly subscription, you will receive one loaf of one of our specialty breads every week. 

 Q: When will bread subscriptions be available?

A: As I get the business started, I will be working out all of the nitty gritty details such production, pricing and other logistics in a series of bake sales over the next few months. I want to make sure subscriptions run as smoothly as possible and I have a nearly one year old daughter that I take care of full-time, so I hope you can bear with me while work out all kinks and get my business off the ground.

Please stay tuned for details about future bake sales. You can also sign up for our email newsletter to receive info on our upcoming bake sales and event.

Q: Can I sign up for the House Levain AND Baker’s Choice Subscription? 

A: Yes! We love that you love our bread! You can also choose to receive more than one loaf a week, with a limit of 4 per household (gotta spread the love!). Just add the quantity of subscriptions to your cart that correspond with how many loaves you’d like to receive each week. 


Q: What if I don’t want bread every single week? How about every other week?

A:  For the time being the minimum subscription is one loaf per week. Toast, sandwiches, grilled cheese, trust me, you’ll be flying through that loaf! 


Q: What if I forget to pick up the bread, will I still be charged?

A: Yes. Why? Well, bread is a long process and if we don’t hear from you, we assume you’ll be coming by to pick up your bread. If you need to skip a week, please email us and let us know no later than 12pm on XXXXday before your next pickup.


Q: What if I need to skip a week?

A: If you’re going to be gone on vacation or have to skip a week please email us at least 48 hrs before the pick up time. If you forget to do this, we’ll be baking bread for you, and you will be charged for it, even if you don’t pick it up. And we will be sad, because that bread won’t have a home!


Q: What if I need to cancel my bread subscription?

A: As we are a small operation, we require a minimum of one month commitment to our subscription. If you aren’t sure if you’d like to commit to an entire month, please contact us to inquire about our options for custom orders.

As we grow, we will have more options readily available in our shop, but we hope you understand our limitations as we get things off the ground.

If you aren’t happy with your subscription, we’d love to hear why and if there is anything we can do to make things better. If you’d still like to cancel your subscription, please contact us directly at least 48 hours before your next delivery.


Q: I have an allergy, can I make changes or requests to the Baker’s Choice subscription?

A: Short answer: Unfortunately, no.    

Long answer: We are a very small operation and only have a limited capacity for our orders, so special requests cannot be accommodated for our subscriptions. If you have an allergy, our recommendation would be to stick with our House Levain Monthly Subscription. If you have a special request or order, please contact us and we can set up a custom order, just for you! 


Q: When is bread ready for pick up?

A: Order pickups for subscriptions will be ready between the hours of ##:## - ##:## on XXXXday’s or please contact us directly to make specific arrangements. Bake Sales may have different hours, so please refer to the details on our home page or in your order confirmation email for pickup details.


Q: I’m not home/available on XXXXday’s, can I get my bread on a different day?

A: We want you to have the freshest bread possible, and XXXXday is our baking day for subscriptions. As we grow, we will have more options available for subscription days, but for now XXXXday is our only day we do pickups for our subscription breads. If you have a special request/order, please contact us about custom orders. 


Q: How do I pay for the bread?

A: You can pay online for your subscription with your credit card or you can also sign up and pay cash in person. The cost for our House Levain is $#/loaf, so if there are 4 weeks in a month (or $XX if there are 5 weeks in the month), then it will be $XX. The Baker’s Choice subscription is $#/loaf or $XX if there are 4 weeks in a month.


Q: For the Baker’s Choice Subscription, do you bake the same bread each week?

A: No way! I love trying out new grains and blends, so we will bake a different type of bread each week. Examples of our past Baker's Choice loaves include: oat porridge, preserved lemon and toasted fennel seed, seeded purple barley, honey whole wheat and so on. I promise that you won’t get bored!